Continuous Red Teaming

Simulated attacks to bolster your defenses

Traditional point-in-time penetration tests only deliver a snapshot of your organization’s systems. ReliaQuest’s highly-trained security professionals continuously test the performance of your defenses under real-world conditions to provide actionable security intel, response recommendations, and peace of mind.

Round the Clock Testing

Unlike traditional point in time testing or assessments, our Red Team’s ethical hackers proactively and continuously conduct campaigns to test the effectiveness of your company’s people, process and technology.

Hackers Don't Follow Rules

Instead of limiting the scope of assessments or restricting testing to a particular timeframe, our Red Team services are carried out from a “black box” perspective, closely mimicking real-world malicious campaigns.

Proactive Testing Against New Exploits

ReliaQuest is relentless in our research into the latest attack methods and techniques. We ensure your organization is equipped to withstand the latest social engineering, physical intrusion and network-based attacks.

Purple Team Effect

Every company is concerned that their defenses aren’t able to detect all anomalous activities. Picture the ability to have a dedicated team constantly testing to ensure security systems are working optimally, the Red Team, and immediately making improvements based on their results, the Blue Team. We call this collaboration between testing and co-management, the Purple Team Effect.

Benefits of Continuous 
Red Teaming

Real-time simulation of profiling threats, obtaining intel, and carrying out attacks on your systems.

Reporting designed to give senior management a clear understanding of your cyber security health and potential weaknesses.

Enhanced content and alerts for your SIEM, IPS, WAF, etc. to give internal defensive teams greater visibility into the latest attacks.

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