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Automate Your Abuse Mailbox

GreyMatter Phishing Analyzer removes the headache of abuse mailbox management by automating the detection, investigation, and response process for you.

Abuse Mailbox Challenges

The Burden of the Manual Abuse Mailbox

Email phishing attacks – like business email compromise (BEC) attacks – can evade the Secure Email Gateway. Employees can be an additional line of defense when they report suspicious emails in their inbox, but managing the abuse mailbox can be a challenge for the security team.

Triage Each Reported Email

Manually investigating and taking response actions for reported emails in the abuse mailbox is tedious work.

Address Duplicate Emails

Identifying phishing campaigns from the noise of other matched emails in the abuse mailbox can be difficult.

Take Remediation Actions

Malicious emails need to be removed from inboxes across the organization.

Communicate Decisions

Once a decision about a reported email has been reached, the reporter and the organization need to be notified about it.

Phishing Analyzer Overview

Free Up Your Security Team and Reduce Email Phishing Risks

End-to-end automation analyzes reported email messages, takes remediation actions, and closes the loop with follow-up notifications sent to the reporter. Phishing Analyzer reduces the risk of phishing attacks and allows your team to work on other priorities.

How It Works

Abuse Mailbox Management Powered by GreyMatter

ReliaQuest GreyMatter Phishing Analyzer increases the efficiency of your security team, helps you protect against email phishing attacks, and keeps your employees in the loop.

End-to-end solution built to help solve the email phishing challenge

Phishing Analyzer leverages the GreyMatter Security Operations Platform to provide end-to-end abuse mailbox management—without the need for another security console.

  • Phishing Analyzer deconstructs the reported email and evaluates each component for comprehensive analysis and accuracy.
  • Machine learning speeds up the decision-making process and automatically distinguishes phishing campaigns from other matching emails.
  • Response actions automatically remove malicious emails from user inboxes and notify the reporter once a decision is made.

When businesses choose ReliaQuest they see results

See Our Platform in Action
58 %

Decrease in Alert Triage
and Response Times

70 %

Reduction in Alert Noise
and False Positives

35 %

Improvement in
Total Cost of Ownership


Abuse Mailbox Management Through GreyMatter

GreyMatter Phishing Analyzer
  • Automated abuse mailbox management without the need for a separate vendor tool
  • Accurate email message analysis powered by GreyMatter threat intelligence
  • Increased phishing protection across the organization with Phishing Analyzer intelligence
Manual Abuse Mailbox Management
  • High volumes of emails reported by employees that require attention and follow-up with the reporter
  • Large amount of time triaging every reported email to decipher whether or not it is malicious.
  • Increased complexity without an abuse mailbox process in place.
Integrations and Connections

Reinforce Your Security Ecosystem with GreyMatter

Seamlessly integrate GreyMatter into your existing security operations tech stack to enhance visibility across your tools and gain the context and insights you need to operationalize security and protect your business.

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Customer Testimonials

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For years vendors have promised to deliver a ‘single pane of glass’ but always fell short. ReliaQuest GreyMatter unifies security tools for visibility across layers, aggregated alerting, faster investigation and response, bolstered by proactive threat hunting and attack simulation to continually improve your posture, all wrapped with security advisory expertise for accelerating key initiatives. John Childers Director of Information Security, Aqua America
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With GreyMatter, my team doesn’t have to do a lot of chair swiveling; we can see everything happening on one platform, which has enabled us to quickly identify and respond to threats. Christine Vanderpool CISO, Florida Crystals
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ReliaQuest provides us with assurance that we’re engaging in best practices, keeping things healthy, up-to-date and that we have eyes on our systems at all times. Director of Security Operations,
$4.5B Global Management Consulting Firm

Make Security Possible
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Increase visibility, reduce complexity, and manage risk with comprehensive protection unified through a single security operations platform.

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