ReliaQuest’s GreyMatter unifies disparate technologies to provide CISOs with centralized visibility for detecting and combating threats

TAMPA, Fla — June 18, 2019ReliaQuest, the cybersecurity enabler, today introduced GreyMatter, a first-of-its-kind, integrated platform that connects disparate technologies, processes and teams to provide greater visibility and control over enterprise security operations. GreyMatter uses a combination of machine learning and human analysis to proactively identify and address cybersecurity threats across an organization so that security teams can mobilize faster and more effective responses. The result is improved threat detection by 4X in less than 90 days and reduced system downtime by 98%.

Cybersecurity solutions today are one-dimensional and don’t deliver their promised value because they are not designed to complement one another, leaving enterprise security operations fragmented and difficult and expensive to manage. ReliaQuest’s GreyMatter aggregates data from disparate point solutions like Security Incident and Event Managers (SIEMs), Endpoint Detection and Response providers (EDRs), big data repositories, firewalls and other technologies, so security teams can holistically orchestrate and automate responses to threats in real time. GreyMatter integrates the latest threat intelligence across customers’ technology stacks while applying current threat intelligence retrospectively to its analysis, allowing customers to learn from past attacks.

“ReliaQuest understands that a security team’s strategy must deliver consistency for the business while also constantly evolving, and we are committed to providing the necessary technologies and ongoing support that our customers need to achieve that difficult balance,” said Brian Murphy, CEO, ReliaQuest. “We built GreyMatter with the explicit goal of increasing the financial and operational performance of the security models that protect organizations. Enterprises require and deserve a proactive approach to security, which is why we use machine learning, actionable analytics and ongoing 24/7 enablement to serve as a force multiplier of our customers’ security teams.”

GreyMatter capabilities include:

  • Threat Intelligence: Leverages 40+ open source, DHS, ISAC and commercial feeds in enterprise technology to ensure accurate threat detection, while continuously evaluating and prioritizing sources to ensure the highest fidelity.
  • Threat Detection: Provides over 600 threat detection rules across the kill chain, continuously tuned and enhanced to stay one step ahead of attackers.
  • Investigation: Analyzes all alerts following proven Cyber Analysis Methodology; streamlines data aggregation and visualization across multiple technologies.
  • Proactive Hunts: Quarterly threat hunting to investigate and take action on the specific incidents threatening customers’ business, conducted across technologies.
  • Automation: Automation of rapid response actions and data enrichment across enterprises to quickly identify and contain threats.
  • Analytics: Delivers real-time insights and benchmarks to capture overall health of security operations as well as identify priorities for continuous improvement.

A recent study from analyst firm 451 Research found that the top pain point for security operations is the inability to get proliferating security products to integrate. It also found that 40% of organizations are not able to act upon at least 25% of their daily security alerts due to alert overload or resource constraints, creating major visibility gaps while increasing pressure on security teams. With GreyMatter, ReliaQuest set out to relieve this pressure by providing a single, holistic and actionable view across a security operation, so that teams can improve the speed and effectiveness of their threat responses while reducing reactive blocking and tackling of daily threats.

“As threats escalate, the biggest challenge facing today’s security leaders is maintaining full visibility across and control over their increasingly complex environments,” said Aaron Sherrill, Senior Analyst at 451 Research. “Enterprises must be able to integrate security products in a way that yields correlated data that can be consolidated into actionable insights and translated into appropriate, timely threat response. With GreyMatter, ReliaQuest is helping to reduce alert fatigue in security operations and improve an organization’s ability to maintain visibility into its security posture — a feat that has proven difficult for enterprises to accomplish on their own.”

Fortune 500 companies trust ReliaQuest to find and fill the security gaps unique to their businesses while leveraging existing security investments. To date, GreyMatter has been adopted by dozens of large enterprises and is commercially available for new customers effective immediately as of the launch.

About ReliaQuest

ReliaQuest fortifies the world’s most trusted brands against cyber threats with its platform for proactive security model management. Acting as a force multiplier on an organization’s existing cybersecurity investments, only ReliaQuest’s GreyMatter integrates disparate technologies to provide a unified, actionable view that fills the gaps in enterprise security programs. GreyMatter uses a combination of machine learning and human analysis so security operations teams can focus on increasing the speed and effectiveness of their threat responses, while also advancing strategic initiatives, rather than blocking and tackling daily threats. Headquartered in Tampa, Fla., ReliaQuest is a private company with operations in Las Vegas, Nev. and Dublin, Ireland. For more information, visit