TAMPA, Fla.Oct. 16, 2017 – ReliaQuest, a leading provider of IT security solutions, today announced the launch of the most comprehensive cybersecurity training tool of its kind, the ReliaQuest Cyber Simulator. The cloud-based Simulator can recreate any variation of IT networks, a combination of technologies, and actual cyber threats to provide a limitless training environment of real-world challenges for its growing number of ReliaQuest team members. It’s this level of training that allows ReliaQuest to continue advancing its security operations capabilities for any organization’s unique security environment, with any combination of technologies.

The Simulator functions in a cloud environment that incorporates at least 200 different virtual machines with multiple operating systems, tools from all major security vendors and physical appliances commonly found in legacy IT systems. It can be configured to replicate the most detailed, industry-specific network architectures, such as those for hospitals, power-grid systems or major financial institutions.

The Simulator is programmed to automate functions that replicate actual user behavior – such as heavy e-mail traffic at certain times of day or certain access requests typical to a certain organization. This gives users a window into what happens during a cyber-attack in real-time. It is a living project, with new tools or challenges constantly being added.

“The cybersecurity industry is always changing. It’s our belief that the best way to stay ahead is by hiring talented individuals with the right attitude, energy and effort, and providing an environment where they can keep learning,” said ReliaQuest CEO Brian Murphy. “The ReliaQuest Cyber Simulator bridges the gap between concept-based certification training and the hands-on operational experience needed to be versatile cybersecurity professional. In this way, the Cyber Simulator is a game changer for our employees and for our customers.”

ReliaQuest leverages the Simulator to train across its entire employee base, and plans to open this capability to all its co-managed customers, creating more access to a variety of training opportunities without the cost. This gives security teams a proactive advantage, allowing them to anticipate, experience and learn from potential cyber challenges before they happen.

“ReliaQuest can see the big picture of the benefits of having a robust, in-house training capability,” said one customer, a security leader from a large global financial institution.

“Building this capability takes an incredible amount of time, not to mention cost, but they made the investment because they could see how much it would pay off in supporting ReliaQuest’s technical skills across any technology, and in supporting and retaining their team members. The fact that they’re also willing to open this training up to their customers at no cost is unheard of. Few if any other companies would do this. But this is how ReliaQuest does everything – they put in the work it takes to keep advancing security forward.”