New GreyMatter innovation enables continuous, automated testing to proactively improve any security model

TAMPA, Fla., February 26, 2020 ReliaQuest, a leader in enterprise cybersecurity, today announced Verify, a new core capability of the GreyMatter platform that offers enterprises a turnkey approach to cyber assurance through continuous attack simulations across on premise and multi-cloud environments. Through Verify, customers ensure existing security investments in detection and response perform as expected in the event of a cyberattack, using both ReliaQuest provided and customizable attack simulations. Customers benefit from the ability to view immediate results of a simulation from the point of view of both the attacker and the defender, ensuring superior detection and response across all of their security controls. Verify is the result of the ReliaQuest acquisition of Threatcare. Just four months later, the attack simulation technology has been expanded and integrated into ReliaQuest’s GreyMatter platform. One customer has already been able to identify that 30% of its detection abilities were not functioning due to previously unidentified downstream configuration and logging issues.

The majority of security teams today spend more time managing the sprawl of security tools in their organization than defending against threats. This ongoing maintenance can introduce unintended risk, such as misconfigured controls that prevent an organization from seeing or responding to an attack, adding burden to teams monitoring an ever-evolving threat landscape. Furthermore, most simulations are conducted on an ad hoc basis, with teams often waiting weeks to receive results that are outdated by the time they arrive.

By contrast, Verify attack simulations are designed to execute across customers’ environments on a continuous basis. Because they are integrated with key alerting sources, they provide the most accurate picture of gaps across an enterprise’s security model while simplifying analysis and accelerating remediation. ReliaQuest-provided simulation content, along with certified integrations into existing security controls, ensures actionable results even among teams unfamiliar with attack methods.

“When we acquired Threatcare last October and worked to integrate quickly, it was with a shared vision of the power of continuous cyber assurance compared to traditional piecemeal attack simulation tools,” said Brian Murphy, CEO and founder, ReliaQuest. “Verify marks a new phase of GreyMatter’s ability to help enterprises better manage their security models by improving visibility and response while instilling confidence that investments in defense will perform as expected when called upon to do so.”

“Motivated threat actors don’t stop after one failed attempt to crack a network, so why allow defensive testing to happen only once a quarter?” said Marcus Carey, Enterprise Architect, ReliaQuest. “Attack simulations aren’t a possibility for lean security teams, or for those who can’t hire a full time APT expert or external penetration testers. With GreyMatter, Verify is getting fed the latest threat intelligence so customers can prepare for specific attacks, and identify all risk areas that could prevent an organization from seeing or responding to an attack. It’s a 360-degree solution.”

Through use of persistent and dissolvable agents, certified integrations, and flexible simulations with impact ratings, Verify enables cyber assurance across disparate environments that provide continuous, actionable results. As part of the GreyMatter platform, Verify integrates across a wide range of security controls, enabling proactive improvement of security programs while avoiding the pitfalls that characterize other attack simulation methods.

Visit ReliaQuest during RSA US 2020 at Novela for a demo of Verify.

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