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Security Automation Fundamentals

Three Steps to Adopting Automation for Faster Detection and Response

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What’s in the Guide?

Why You Should Automate More Than Just Response

Tips for Applying Automation Across the DIR Lifecycle

How a Security Operations Platform Can Help

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Security automation can empower your team to detect, investigate, and respond to threats more efficiently and effectively.


Applying Automation to Detection, Investigation, and Response

Automating Threat Detection

Threat detection aims to quickly identify and
alert on security threats through continuous monitoring for signs of compromise and
malicious activity.

  • Deploying Detection Rules
  • Correlating Logs
  • Integrating Threat Intelligence
Automating Threat Investigation

Investigating a security incident requires analyzing its nature and impact, where using a security operations platform can expedite this process through automation and data integration, leading to quicker, more accurate assessments.

  • Building Consistent Analysis Methodology
  • Enriching Investigation
  • Summarizing Threat Analysis
Automating Threat Response

Following an investigation, analysts may execute actions like isolating systems or patching vulnerabilities to manage a security incident, or update protocols for benign findings, with automation key to reducing response times.

  • Improving Decision-Making
  • Running Remediation Playbooks
Integrations and Connections

Reinforce Your Security Ecosystem with GreyMatter

Seamlessly integrate GreyMatter into your existing security operations tech stack to enhance visibility across your tools and gain the context and insights you need to operationalize security and protect your business.

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Customer Success

Our Customers See Incredible Outcomes with ReliaQuest GreyMatter

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8 months ago, we saw the potential of GreyMatter but were just starting to use it. Now, it’s the only place we go for investigations. Between the ease of integrations and depth of automations, we’ve seen significant ROI in the form of cost and time savings. CISO, Leading Operator of Assisted Living Communities
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ReliaQuest is the augmentation dream team for detection and response teams. They offer a concise platter of options from detection and response to hunting, automation, and platform pivoting . And for the truly technical detection and response teams, they understand and display the skills we expect." Cyber Defense Manager, $7.4B Global Consumer Goods Manufacturer
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One of the areas we’ve recognized big time savings with GreyMatter is through the Microsoft Office 365 integration. The automation playbooks allow us to perform actions in less than 2 minutes, instead of having to log into the O365 console every time we want to so something simple like block a suspicious email address, which takes 2-3x longer. Director of Security, Fortune 1000 Global Manufacturing Company