Joint Innovation Center

Powering real-world security simulations

The Joint Innovation Center is ReliaQuest’s fully immersive security experience that visualizes real-world technology and scenarios within actual security environments. Held in a theater-style room at ReliaQuest HQ, the Joint Innovation Center boasts personalized, groundbreaking demonstrations designed to help you see your security in a whole new way.

A Fully Custom Experience

It all begins with a customized conversation with our security experts about your specific priorities. We then create custom briefings, including a mix of recommended technologies and services based on your business goals.

Co-Managed Security

Join us for a tailored, live, simulation of what Co-Managed security will look like for your environment.  Interact with our Engineering, Content, and IR Team in a theatre style SOC simulator and watch how we will work with your team to Make Security Possible across the IT security stack.

Visualize Product
Integrations & Demos

By simulating your environment, we can provide live demos to help you visualize solutions without OEM influences, and product integrations to evaluate planned purchases.

Run by Elite Security Experts

Our Joint Innovation Center demos and visualizations are powered by RQ Labs, not a sales department. That means that only fully-trained ReliaQuest security analysts handle the simulation of your environment, with the full transparency and expertise to answer any security questions you may have along the way.

Leave with Insights and Action Items

We use what we discover from simulations to compile valuable takeaways for your business, including use cases, work-around and optimization scripts, compliance requirements, and much more. You’ll leave with a thorough understanding of next steps recommended to take your security to the next level and a dedicated team to get you there.

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