Why Customers Choose ReliaQuest

The world’s leading brands rely on ReliaQuest to achieve consistent outcomes and mature security operations. 

World-class Know-how.

ReliaQuest knows how to create and track the content, processes, and metrics to scale world-class security operations. We’ve spent years running them for customers across all industries at a range of Fortune 1000 companies. Be it threat intelligence feeds, rules, and detections tuned to your tools and threats, playbooks for automation, or threat hunting best practices, we’re codifying it for you with ReliaQuest GreyMatter cloud-native Open XDR.

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My team saved years of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars, thanks to GreyMatter’s turnkey rules, content, and best practices, coupled with the embedded playbooks—and all mapped back to MITRE frameworks.

Innovative Mindset.

Security practitioners are often on the defensive. There aren’t enough hours in the day or people with the broad skill sets needed to keep up with threats evolving at machine speed. That’s why we’re committed to making automation work across the entire security lifecycle. We believe the only way to make security possible is to automate away the repetitive and mundane. That’s why we built ReliaQuest GreyMatter, the first unified threat detection, investigation, response, and resilience platform for Open XDR.

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Automation isn’t really possible until you have the right data and the right operating procedures in place. The universal translator makes our vision for the future of security possible by integrating data from across all of our investments.

Metrics That Make Sense.

Metrics can be compelling, or they can be deceiving. But you need metrics to build confidence in your security program. That’s why we’ve worked with our customers to standardize a set of metrics that are quantified, make sense at the executive tier, and have a direct impact on the overall security posture of your organization. Starting with an understanding of your critical business risks (phishing? ransomware? insider threat? 3rd party integrations?) ReliaQuest maps those risks to threat coverage across the Kill Chain® and MITRE ATT&CK®,  and triangulates against the health and performance of your security ecosystem. The resulting reports showcase ROI of your existing security investments, team performance measured against previous periods and against industry peers, along with specific recommendations on how you can improve. 

Now it’s possible to answer the questions: “Am I reducing risk?” “Am I investing in the right areas?” With ReliaQuest GreyMatter Open XDR, a board-ready report that shows ongoing improvement is ready when you need it.

GreyMatter gives us confidence to know we are effectively reporting on our posture in real time and setting appropriate goals to mature our security program in line with objective benchmarks.

Customers See Results.


Decrease in Alert Triage and Response Times.

ReliaQuest GreyMatter delivers operational integrations for a unified experience across detection, investigation, and response. The central component is a research package with aggregated, enriched alert data, so teams can start investigations at the investigation stage.


Reduction in Noise.

By aggregating duplicates and reducing false positives GreyMatter frees your team from the repetitive and mundane to help you get ahead of the curve.


Threat Hunting Acceleration.

Visibility, data aggregation across all your tools, and packaged hunts help teams to operationalize threat hunting and avoid tedious data pulls and normalization.


Reduction in TCO.

Customers get the visibility they need to improve security posture while operating more efficiently.

Security is a Practice – Not a Destination.
We’ll Set and Achieve Goals Together.

True Partnership
True Partnership.
Your success is our success. We work together to set goals for your program, build the roadmap, and hold one another accountable to meet those goals, together.
Investing in Education
Investing in Education.
We know the pain of finding and retaining security talent. So, we created training programs, leadership academies, and growth mindset workshops to train our employees and empower them to innovate and solve problems when they see them. As a result, our employee retention rate is 89%. This education is open to your teams, too.
Sharing Best Practices
Sharing Best Practices.
What’s next for your organization? Are you delivering on digital transformation? Building stronger alignment with the board? Pivoting to support new and emerging business models? Ensuring the security and viability of a remote workforce? Our other customers are, too. We host regular roundtables to facilitate best practice sharing among leading CISOs. Recent meeting notes

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