Enterprise Strategy Group Whitepaper: The Case for Open XDR

Is Open XDR right for your business?

We know the security challenges organizations are facing—ever-changing attack surface, scarce and expensive security expertise, a sprawling set of tools that don’t play well together, and sometimes challenges just aligning threat detection content to your organizations’ most critical risks.

The latest magic bullet security vendors are offering to address all of these challenges is extended or cross-platform detection and response (XDR)—only does XDR really have the best interests of the customer at heart, or is this just the latest fad vendors are pushing out to market?

In this paper, ESG Senior Principal Analyst and Fellow Jon Oltsik shares his view of the market, what organizations truly need to get ahead, and why an Open XDR approach is likely to help organizations realize their security outcomes and a faster time to value.

Get the white paper to discover:

  • Why organizations need a tightly coupled security operations infrastructure
  • The promise and limitations of eXtended Detection and Response
  • How looking to an Open XDR approach can realize security operations outcomes


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