The Most Effective Security Metrics for the Changing Risk Landscape

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In the midst of the current economic and operational volatility, security has become even more visible across the enterprise and boards are asking security leaders more questions about risk than ever before. Security leaders need to demonstrate their organization is as protected as possible against the new risks that have developed, whether related to a remote workforce or the shift of more business online. How can teams measure and communicate visibility and response capabilities in a language that makes sense to executive and board stakeholders?

In this online panel, Joseph Burkard, Chief Security Officer at Alight Solutions, John Childers, Director Information Security at Aqua America, and Mike Ortlieb, Director of IT Security & Privacy at Protiviti will discuss:

  • How to reassess security metrics to account for recent operational changes, from remote workforces to the shift of business to new channels
  • Discuss how security experts are shaping the frequency and method of communication to their business
  • Best practices and specific recommendations for actionable metrics that answer questions from executives and the board

The panel will be moderated by Colin O’Connor, Chief Operating Officer at ReliaQuest, whose GreyMatter platform increases visibility and automates threat detection and response across SIEM, EDR and multi-cloud environments.

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