Strategies for Overcoming the Visibility Gap in InfoSec

High Impact Strategies for Overcoming the Visibility Gap in InfoSec

Managing security and protecting the organization from a growing number of threats is a complex endeavor. Unfortunately, it is not to get easier any time soon as the corporate network perimeter disappears and organizations adopt an increasing number of cloud services, IoT devices, and emerging technologies. Visibility into the entire IT ecosystem is one of the most essential components of a strong cybersecurity posture yet organizations report that visibility is one of the biggest challenges to improving their cybersecurity posture.

Join this webinar to hear Aaron Sherrill, Senior Analyst with 451 Research and Jason Pfeiffer, Vice President, Product Management with ReliaQuest discuss the findings of 451 Research’s recent survey exploring the impact that visibility can have on both security and business operations.

In this webinar we will explore:

  • Why visibility is critical in an increasingly hybrid and multi-cloud world.
  • The challenges creating visibility gaps for enterprises
  • How organizations can overcome these challenges and improve their cybersecurity posture and visibility across their IT ecosystem

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