SOC Talk: Safeguard Your Financial Organization by Reducing Cyber Risk


  • Jason Pfeiffer

    Chief Strategy Officer


  • Manish Ghayalod, CFA

    Group Managing Director, Global Chief Technology Officer

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Fast-moving trends like a widespread move to the cloud, rapid digitization, and a growing use of cryptocurrencies by institutional and retail investors make financial institutions leading targets of cyber-attacks. Attackers have become more organized, technically skilled, inventive, and bold, but have evolved their strategy to keep up with trends, not willing to give up.

Being proactive with the use of cybersecurity technologies and tactics is imperative to helping financial institutions increase visibility and reduce risk while staying ahead of their adversaries in cyberspace.

Join our panel of cybersecurity and financial services experts as they discuss cyber security strategies and solutions to help organizations adapt to today’s trends and address key challenges.

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