New Remote Risk Factors: Increasing Visibility Across your Cloud and SaaS Applications

Greg Foss, Senior Threat Researcher, VMware Carbon Black
James Berthoty, Cloud Security Engineer at ReliaQuest

Brian Philip Murphy, Chief Architect, ReliaQuest

Most enterprises are a few weeks into operating with fully remote workforces. In security, this has changed what areas of the business require the most visibility to protect against emerging threats.

In this online panel, Greg Foss, Senior Threat Researcher at VMware Carbon Black, and James Berthoty, Cloud Security Engineer at ReliaQuest, will discuss:

• What are the new Cloud and SaaS application risks with a remote workforce
• Specific use cases to implement across these tools to detect and protect against threats
• Best practices for increasing and measuring visibility for cloud and SaaS applications

The panel will be moderated by Brian Philip Murphy, Chief Architect at ReliaQuest, whose GreyMatter security platform is used by hundreds of the world’s leading brands to increase cloud security visibility and enable end-to-end automation across SIEM, EDR and multi-cloud environments.

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