Beyond Response: Leveraging Automation Across the Cyber Lifecyle for IT and Security


  • Ryan Becwar

    Sales Engineer


  • Jason Pfeiffer

    VP of Product Management

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The industry often thinks of automation only in terms of response. While this is where many security and IT teams can implement successful automation, there are opportunities to automate across the entire threat lifecycle. By doing this, security and IT teams increase the efficiencies and effectiveness of their existing tools, teams and processes leading to faster threat detection and response.

In this webinar, Ryan Becwar, Sales Engineer from Splunk, and Jason Pfeiffer, VP of Product Management from ReliaQuest will discuss:

  • First steps to take to make automation work across detection, investigation and remediation
  • Examples of how automation can be used across IT and security for the entire cyber response lifecycle
  • Lessons learned and best practices when implementing automation across multiple teams and steps in your workflow

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