Are You Really Hunting? Developing and Implementing a Threat Hunting Methodology


  • Jet Simpson

    Security Engineer


  • Chris Newhart

    Security Engineer


  • Miles Martin

    Manager of Sales Engineering

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The industry emphasis on the constant implementation of new security tools and technologies has led organizations to make substantial investments into security personnel. Those talents are spent primarily on maintenance and reacting to the various alerts that these disparate technologies are built to address. A vast amount of time is spent investigating, tuning false positives, and ultimately responding to noise.

Join ReliaQuest in an open virtual discussion to talk through an overview of a tangible threat hunting methodology developed over years of hunting across hundreds of unique environments.

In this online discussion, Jet Simpson, Chris Newhart, and Miles Martin will discuss:

  • Leveraging industry trends to identify common threat hunting mistakes
  • How to best leverage technology as an enabler, not a solution
  • How to develop threat hunting campaigns and better understand use cases

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