ReliaQuest For Google Workspace

Google Workplace Solution Brief

In the past few years, Google Workspace has gained in popularity across organizations of all sizes. While it aims to support user management and client productivity applications, it introduces additional complexities and risk. Access to security-relevant telemetry can be challenging, especially when trying to combine it with on-premises security data for a singular view. To protect and enable the business, security teams need granular visibility across not just the Google Workspace infrastructure but each of the applications and security components. ReliaQuest delivers best-in-class protection by delivering singular visibility across Google Workspace resources by eliminating blind spots and comprehensively detecting and responding to threats.

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The Total Economic ImpactTM of ReliaQuest

sup {font-size: 25px;} Organizations spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars deploying strategies and frameworks that don’t ultimately drive their desired outcomes. But security leaders are getting closer to achieving those goals by blending services, technology, and best practices with curated integration and detection content. ReliaQuest delivers an open XDR cloud-native platform, 24/7/365 expertise […]