Insider Threat: Reduce the Risk

Amid this new “perfect storm” of insider risk, businesses struggle to detect and mitigate malicious and accidental activities.

With that in mind, Tricia Hoyt, former Director of Security Operations and current Director of Customer Development at ReliaQuest, offers insight on how to increase visibility into insider threats and reduce the risk.

In this video interview with ISMG’s Tom Field, Senior VP, Editorial, Hoyt discusses: 

  • The latest manifestations of heightened risk with a remote workforce. 
  • Why some current controls are missing insider threats and steps to take to strengthen these controls. 
  • How to respond when a threat advances beyond user and technical controls. 

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Hoyt is the Director of Customer Development at ReliaQuest, where she focuses on maximizing customer relationships, elevating the customer experience, and bringing customer stories to life. Previously, Hoyt was the Director of Security Operations at ReliaQuest, where she oversaw the technical operations of customer enablement through the ReliaQuest GreyMatter SaaS platform. Prior to this role, she spent 3.5 years focused on customer success, where she was instrumental in helping to develop the Delivery Management function at ReliaQuest. She started as an individual contributor, personally managing over 30 large enterprise accounts before being promoted to the Manager of Service Delivery in 2018.

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