How to Grow and Integrate Your Threat Intelligence Program

ReliaQuest’s Casey Martin on How to Mature Your Threat Intelligence Program

Finding the right balance of high-quality threat intelligence to reduce noise and mitigate the most serious risks—and then integrating this effectively into security programs—is where many organizations struggle. Casey Martin of ReliaQuest shares insight on the keys to maturing threat intelligence programs for improved visibility and high-fidelity detection and response.

In a video interview with ISMG, Martin discusses:

• Qualities that define threat intelligence maturity.
• Technical barriers to integrating threat intelligence across the security lifecycle.
• Key business benefits to an integrated approach—and how to achieve them.

Casey Martin is an information security professional with a curiosity for enabling blue team operations. Casey has operated in all technical aspects of security operations as well as leading the customer enablement effort as the Director of Security Operations for some of the world’s most trusted brands. In his current role, Casey leads the Threat Management function at ReliaQuest, which engages him in innovative functions such as SOC research and development, threat intelligence, and red team operations.

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