ReliaQuest GreyMatter Platform Brief

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Achieve your security outcomes faster with ReliaQuest GreyMatter. Read more about the security operations platform.

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How to Grow and Integrate Your Threat Intelligence Program

Finding the right balance of high-quality threat intelligence to reduce noise and mitigate the most serious risks—and then integrating this effectively into security programs—is where many organizations struggle. Casey Martin of ReliaQuest shares insight on the keys to maturing threat intelligence programs for improved visibility and high-fidelity detection and response. In a video interview with […]

How to Identify & Address Risk with Attack Simulation .btn {display: none;}.aspect-ratio-16\:9.margin-bottom-md {margin-top: 35px;} Traditionally, security teams look to penetration tests and red teaming to test and build confidence in their security programs. These options are often costly, time-consuming, and limited in scope. There is a better way to gain confidence in security models: continuous attack simulations, which automate adversary behavior in a […]

Continuous Attack Simulations

Attack simulations continuously mimic real-world threats to highlight gaps in security systems, and unlike traditional ad hoc testing, they provide an ongoing view of dynamic security environments. Can the insights from attack simulations be used to close gaps and strengthen security programs? They can, if integrated into your existing security operations. In this paper, you’ll […]