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Threat Research Report

Threat Research Report: Ransomware Advisory

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. Learn how attackers gain access, execute, and persist, plus potential impacts an attack could have on your business.

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Threat Hunting 101

Threat Hunting 101: A Framework for Building and Maturing a Proactive Threat Hunting Program

Access our threat hunting guide for a step-by-step framework that you can use to kick off a proactive threat hunting program at your organization.

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Tactical Guide to Securing Data on Cloud Platforms

Tactical Guide to Securing Data on Cloud Platforms in 2021

Cloud security is growing more critical as enterprises shift to AWS, Azure, and GCP. Here’s an actionable guide to securing your cloud infrastructure.

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The Case for Open XDR

The Case for Open XDR

Learn what organizations truly need to get ahead, and why an Open XDR approach is likely to help organizations realize their security outcomes and a faster time to value.

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Case Study: Boston Celtics

Case Study: Boston Celtics

The Celtics trust ReliaQuest’s blend of technology, people, and process to help them reduce risk and complexity and increase visibility. See their results.

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Open XDR-as-a-Service

ReliaQuest GreyMatter: Operationalize Security with Open XDR-as-a-Service

ReliaQuest GreyMatter, a cloud-native platform, unifies telemetry from any security solution for unified detection, investigation, response, and resilience.

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Metrics That Matter

The CISO’s Guide to Metrics That Matter in 2021

Find out what security metrics boards care about most in 2021 and how CISOs leverage them to mature their security programs and articulate value.

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Mitigate Phishing + Boost Security Operations with ReliaQuest GreyMatter Open XDR-as-a-Service

Minimize the time it takes to mitigate phishing attacks and force multiply your security operations with ReliaQuest GreyMatter Open XDR-as-a-Service.

ReliaQuest GreyMatter Open XDR-as-a-Service Unified TDIR across Multi-Cloud environments

Watch this demo video to see ReliaQuest GreyMatter in action and how our Open XDR-as-a-Service approach solves the visibility challenges multi-cloud organizations face.


What is Open XDR? Series

ReliaQuest announced our unique “Open XDR” approach that solves modern enterprise cybersecurity challenges through our GreyMatter platform. Check out the first video in our series, “What is Open XDR?” from Jason Pfeiffer, VP, Product Innovation.

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