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What is Open XDR?

XDR stands for eXtended (or Cross Platform) Detection and Response. Its purpose is to integrate disparate tools across the security stack—SIEM, EDR, cloud and others to deliver a single, complete view of threats so you can detect, investigate and respond faster to protect your business. Unlike vendor-specific eXtended Detection and Response platforms, Open XDR security (or Hybrid XDR) is vendor-agnostic delivering deep integration across best-of-breed tools from a diverse set of vendors. Additionally, Open XDR delivers the right combination of technology, field-validated content and resource empowerment to increase visibility, reduce complexity and manage risk.

Think of XDR as a modern SOC-in-a-box designed to integrate controls, normalize telemetry, provide advanced analytics, and automate responses.

Open XDR Security VS. EDR and SIEM

SIEM tools focus on bringing together data from security sources that primarily focus on the network, while EDR products focus on detecting advanced threats and monitoring behavior on endpoints. While there can be overlaps where some SIEM tools ingest endpoint data, they lack fidelity and require specific data models. Open XDR security builds on the strengths of SIEMs and EDRs and extends these tools. It delivers singular contextual visibility across the enterprise by aggregating the relevant data from any and all sources, including SIEM and EDR, regardless of deployment model—on-premises, cloud, or hybrid—eliminating any blind spots. Unlike SIEM and EDR tools, Open XDR doesn’t require another data lake or repository or specific data models, it natively collects relevant data, just-in-time, reducing complexity and saving costs.

Open XDR Security VS. Managed Services

Managed service providers can help organizations with certain aspects of their security practices. Starting from an event and incident management (MSSPs) discipline, some providers have grown to offer managed detection and response (MDR) solutions. But they are limited by their processes and the tools they employ—mostly single-vendor—and their business models most often emphasize generic approaches, and may even charge by incident or by the hour. While these service providers may work well at certain stages, they fall short of delivering capabilities across your security operations, particularly as your organization matures to keep up with business transformation and growth. GreyMatter Open XDR Security enables the best of both worlds—the right combination of technology—ours and yours, curated integrations and content wrapped with security expertise so your security professionals can focus on what’s most relevant for the business.

Security is a Team Sport

At ReliaQuest, we believe it takes a true partnership to be resilient in the face of changing business requirements and a dynamic threat landscape. We know how to create and track the content, processes, and metrics to scale world-class security operations—we’ve spent years running secops for customers across all industries at a range of Fortune 1000 companies. Our goal is not to just deliver another security platform but to operationalize your security technologies and practices while empowering your security analysts so you can stay ahead, innovate and grow your business with confidence. We are with you every step of the way.

How Does Open XDR Work?

Open XDR does not replace your tools. Rather it acts as the integration hub for security analytics and operations as a “manager of managers,” integrating various tools including SIEM, EDR, NDR, public clouds, and individual point tools and business applications to extract maximum value in the form of higher fidelity alerts and automated processes across the security lifecycle. It makes the analysts’ job easier and gives security leaders higher ROI on their investments and confidence in their security solutions.

Primary Characteristics of XDR:


Connects to and augments your existing technology investments and provides access to centralized, normalized data


Validated, optimized detection content and automation plays providing analysts everything they need to detect, investigate, and respond in one place


Continuous improvement of the efficacy and efficiency of tools, teams, and processes

Primary Characteristics of Open XDR:

XDR - eXtended Detection and Response | Security Solutions class=

Managed, vendor-agnostic integrations for singular visibility across any source or deployment

Universal Translator

Unified detection, investigation, and response capabilities to streamline operations

Data Aggregation

No expensive data lakes or data model expertise required

Continuous Optimization

Continuous optimization of your security tools, technologies, and processes

Reporting Framework

A metrics framework for continuous security program measurement to increase maturity

Security Lifecycle

Automation across the security lifecycle—from data collection through detection, investigation and response to resilience

Achieve Security Outcomes With Open XDR

Security is a team sport in a game where the rules keep changing. If you want to go fast, you go alone; if you want to go far, you go as a team. ReliaQuest GreyMatter encapsulates our experience operating SOCs for the Fortune 1000 for over 12 years.

We don’t sell a license we deliver outcomes. We’re your advisor—shared responsibility, shared success.

We operationalize your security investments by managing complexity, giving you actionable situational awareness–visibility, comprehension and action–so you’re ready to adapt, evolve, react, and resolve as the game changes.

With GreyMatter, security leaders can answer three key questions: 

  • Are we reducing risk to the business?
  • Are we investing in the right areas to mature our security program?
  • Are we resilient enough to confidently transform and grow our business?

Let’s form a team–melding your security tools, team and process with our security platform and expertise to help you operationalize security through Open XDR from ReliaQuest GreyMatter. We make achieving security outcomes quick, easy and possible–whether you have 2 resources or 200.

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