ReliaQuest Makes Security Possible With Microsoft 365 E5

ReliaQuest GreyMatter provides you with a unified view of Microsoft 365 E5 and non-Microsoft security tools. Pair that with a team of dedicated security experts who can help you boost your threat detection, investigation, and response. With ReliaQuest GreyMatter you'll quickly identify threats and, ultimately, better secure your organization.

Boost the Power of Your Microsoft 365 e5 Security Tools With ReliaQuest

Outpace Threats

It's no secret—the threat landscape gets more dangerous with each passing day. The challenge is to stay ahead of the threats. ReliaQuest GreyMatter does this with a powerful security operations platform, built on an Open XDR architecture, to help you proactively respond to this ever-changing landscape.

Optimize Your Existing Tools

Help your team model the business impact of adding new Microsoft 365 E5 tools and ensure the organization is secured as new tools are added. And with GreyMatter, you can integrate Microsoft 365 E5 security products at the pace that best suits your organization.

Get an Inside Look at GreyMatter

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Gain Unparalleled Visibility

When it comes to cloud migration and protection, the biggest challenge is the lack of visibility across disparate security tools. ReliaQuest GreyMatter provides bi-directional integration across any vendor solution, whether on-prem or in one-or-more clouds, to ingest data and automate actions.

Manage Risk – Better

GreyMatter continuously monitors all Microsoft security, cloud, and productivity tools, providing you with real-time situational awareness. Plus, stay ahead of threats and reduce the impact of events with our continuously curated detection rules for Microsoft environments.

Streamline Operations

Take MTTR from hours to minutes with automated alert-level actions and decisioning flows. GreyMatter’s automated data collection, investigation, and response playbooks enable your team to take fast action and drive efficiencies.

Measure Operations

With our Security Model Index™, you can easily report on continuous improvement in visibility, tool efficacy, and team performance. Quantify visibility of your security ecosystem and understand your risk footprint over time, quickly closing any gaps in coverage.