2021 EU & UK Cybersecurity Complexity Study

How can you streamline your time to response?

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We have broken down the confines of the traditional enterprise perimeter, and have created the largest potential attack surface in history. Yet, what have we done to improve our visibility and reduce the critical lag time between incident detection and mitigation? This study including over 200 responses from EU & UK organisations reveals how they are tackling security complexity and provides expert analysis on how to increase visibility and tap into new resources to detect, investigate, and respond to attacks.

  • 87% of survey respondents say they are average or above when asked point-blank how they rate their organisation’s ability to respond quickly and effectively to today’s cybersecurity threats.
  • 51% say their detection, investigation and response capabilities are inhibited by the sophistication of adversaries and attacks.
  • 67% believe improved visibility would do the most to improve efficiency of detection, investigation and response.
  • 35% claim to have detailed integrated visibility across the environment, including on-premises and cloud.

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