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So Many Tools, So Little Protection

Integrate data from existing toolsets in one, user-friendly view.

Too many alerts. Too many false positives…maybe too many tools? You still want the telemetry or depth from domain-specific products, but let’s face it, tuning and management is a headache. Not having a unified view across your tools to identify a threat has compounded complexity and exasperated security experts. Every tool purchase starts with good intentions, but when it comes to implementation, tuning and ongoing management, good intentions can fall to the wayside as critical events pop up. You need a way to unify data and tools seamlessly to gain the context and insights you need to operationalize security and protect and grow your business.

Now, Full Visibility is a Reality.

How do we do it? We’ve seen the app stores and exchanges, and we know you need trusted, curated integration that you don’t have to manage. ReliaQuest GreyMatter’s Universal Translator™ delivers continuous data integration across your security technologies and tools by gathering and normalizing data, on-demand, without analyst intervention or creating expensive security data lakes. Ongoing integrations are managed to ensure a one-time setup, saving you time and resources from daily tool management. Connected technologies are continuously mapped at the field and source level – providing a single source of truth for driving visibility, automation, and measurement, all in the name of speeding response across the security lifecycle.

GreyMatter gives us a common toolset, language, and platform for our analysts to work together. The analytics in GreyMatter are coupled with threat intel and linked to the platforms where we can prosecute events.

Cover Your Blind Spots Across Any Environment - On-premises, Cloud or Hybrid

GreyMatter is vendor-agnostic and delivers real-time visibility across SIEM, EDR, multi-cloud, point solutions and business applications reducing time-to-insights so you can act faster. GreyMatter delivers threat detection content that is continuously tuned to your environment and mapped to the Kill Chain® and MITRE ATT&CK® frameworks. This allows you to understand business risk prioritized against your most valuable assets, so that your team can focus on proactively shoring up your security posture.

Automation isn’t really possible until you have the right data and the right operating procedures in place. The Universal Translator™ makes our vision for the future of security possible by integrating data across all of our investments.

Comprehensive Detection, Investigation and Response From a Single UI.

ReliaQuest GreyMatter delivers a unified workspace through which analysts can conduct detection, investigation and response activities, eliminating wasteful tool-hopping. Automated data collection across relevant tools accelerates investigation processes. Built-in detection capabilities help map coverage across Kill Chain and MITRE ATT&CK frameworks giving you real-time snapshots of your risk posture and coverage gaps. Pre-built playbooks automate responses at machine speeds across commonly detected events to quickly contain threats. The result? The visibility with contextual enrichment you need to detect, investigate and respond to threats at machine speeds and– triumphant analysts.

Some customers experience:


Increase in Visibility


Increase in Threat Detection Capability

Security is complex. The GreyMatter platform makes security simple for advanced threat analysts and new analysts alike.

Security Expertise You Can Trust.

We supercharge your security practices with proven expertise so you can confidently manage your risk posture. Frequently updated detection content packages based on continuous monitoring and real-time threat analysis by our team of security experts combined with high-fidelity threat intelligence feeds gives you the ability to proactively detect, hunt and respond to threats. Managed, vendor-agnostic integrations across your security tools takes the tedium and burden of tool management away from your analysts so they can focus on analysis that matters.

RQ is the augmentation dream team for detection and response teams. They offer a concise platter of options from detection and response to hunting, automation, and platform pivoting. And for the truly technical detection and response teams, they understand and display the skills we expect.”

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