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Supercharge Your Operations With Automation and Security Expertise.

Mature your security program from reactive to proactive.

Force Multiply Security Teams

To progress with security initiatives, your teams need to get out of the never-ending cycle of reactive fire drills and chasing false positives. What if your analysts could focus on the most important alerts without compromising speed or expertise? That is the power of ReliaQuest. We extend your security teams’ prowess with capabilities from industry-leading experts and automation across the security lifecycle – from detection through investigation to response – so you can confidently make decisions based on experience and evidence, reduce alert fatigue and drive proactive security operations.

Security Expertise You Can Trust

We supercharge your security practices with proven expertise so you can confidently manage your risk posture. Our threat research team is continually developing and deploying detection content fused with high-fidelity threat intelligence feeds, in context to help you proactively detect, hunt and respond to threats. You’ll also benefit from the network effect of learnings gleaned from across our customer base and applied to your technologies and environment. Challenges keeping your security tech stack integrated to get the visibility you need? With curated, managed integrations your team will get the visibility and time they need to focus on what’s most important for your security operation and your business.

ReliaQuest is the dream team for detection and response teams. They offer a concise platter of options from detection and response to hunting, automation, and platform pivoting. And for the truly technical detection and response teams, they understand and display the skills we expect.

Automation Across the Security Lifecycle

Get your teams out of the business of tedious, repetitive, low value tasks. We automate the entire security lifecycle from detection to investigation to response – not just a portion of your operations – truly force multiplying your security team. Too many alerts and false positives? Automate the noise away to focus on the signal. Can’t automate because internal processes aren’t codified? Leverage the best practices and playbooks that are field-tested to mature your organization and drive efficiencies. Invested in SOAR tools but having trouble getting them operational? Let us help you seamlessly operationalize and orchestrate across your investments so you can get productive and respond faster.

Continuous Assurance

Battle Ready With Automated Threat Hunts and Continuous Assurance

Eager to hunt, but can’t find the time, or easily gather and fuse all the data to do so? Our customer-validated, pre-built hunt campaigns simplify data collection and give you the blueprints to execute hunt campaigns. You can select from packaged threat hunts or customize your own so you can quickly address risks and stop attackers before they do lasting damage. It’s great to have the latest technologies in place, but ultimately it comes down to knowing that the content and controls you’ve labored over are actually working. Machine learning-driven breach and automated attack simulations built into and updated continuously within GreyMatter help you test and validate your security controls at any time.

Customer-validated Content, Ready to Deploy.

Through ReliaQuest GreyMatter, enterprises have full access to continuously evolving detection content, including correlation rules, advanced analytics, dashboards, aggregated investigation packages through to recommended automation plays, and reports delivered to a customer’s existing security infrastructure. Automation plays accelerate actions to cover use case specific responses such as quarantining hosts, locking user accounts, deleting poisoned emails, blocking IP addresses, detecting additional occurrences, and more. Together, we build and deliver on the roadmap for maturing your security operations practice.