ReliaQuest is your security partner

Co-Management provides guidance, support and expertise for your SIEM and other security solutions, while you maintain full control of your data and technologies. RQ becomes an extension of your existing team, ensuring all of your technologies are running efficiently so you can focus on business-critical decisions.

The RQ Approach

ReliaQuest separates Co-Management into 4 distinct, but cooperative groups, all based on a customized statement of work tailored to your specific needs.

01 Incident Response

Incident Response is on hand 24/7 to monitor alerts, investigate incidents and provide recommendations to advance your customized security roadmap.

02 Content Engineering

Far more than out-of-the-box rules and alerts, our Content Engineers focus on correlations and contextual development to provide you with operational visibility, executive and compliance reporting, and protecting you from possible threats. Intuitive dashboards transform this information into actionable intel.

03 Security Engineering

To make sure your entire security environment is running efficiently, Security Engineers regularly test your operational performance. New installations and upgrades are custom architected to continue maximizing the effectiveness of your tools and the quality of your security data.

04 Delivery Management

Our Delivery Managers work hand-in-hand with you to manage communications with the entire co-management team. This single point of contact consolidates and prioritizes recommendations, builds custom reports and dashboards to communicate the effectiveness of your security across the organization, and maintains custom roadmaps and maturity models based on your current and future security posture.

Improving Your Security Posture

Co-management provides customized support and expert advice for your SIEM and all of your company's point security technologies.

Co-Managed SIEM

Your security's central nervous system

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Co-Managed Solutions

Optimizing all point security technology inputs

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MSSP: Data sent / stored off site

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RQ: Data never leaves your site
MSSP: Generalized security

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RQ: Customized to your environment
MSSP: Limited access

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RQ: Full access anytime
MSSP: No development of your 

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RQ: Custom content development and 
use case building
MSSP: Manage one point product

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RQ: SIEM, IPS, firewall, end point, mobile, NAC, DLP, etc.

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