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Tag: Ukraine

Killnet: The Hactivist Group That Started A Global Cyber War

Since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war, hacktivism has experienced a substantial resurgence, with many hacktivist groups being created in support of either Ukraine or Russia. We have observed an explosion in the number of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), defacement, and data-leakage attacks over the past few months, targeting governments, critical sectors, and organizations in key […]

Vulnerability Intelligence Round-up: Russia-Ukraine War

One month ago, the Russian government began the invasion of Ukraine, triggering one of the most severe security crises in Europe since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992. The Photon Intelligence Team has been constantly analyzing the development of this war, providing assessment about the involvement of hacktivism in this conflict, practical advice […]

Can cryptocurrency be used to bypass the impact of sanctions being applied against Russia?

In an interview on 28 Feb 2022, former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton criticized several cryptocurrency exchanges that had decided against blanket bans for Russian users from their platforms. The decision against the bans on Russian users coincided with significant sanctions being applied against Russia following their invasion into Ukraine. Senator Clinton reiterated a common sentiment […]

Intelligence Requirements: Planning your cyber response to the Russia-Ukraine war

At the end of last week, Digital Shadow’s CISO, Rick Holland, released his blog Russian Cyber Threats: Practical Advice For Security Leaders. In that blog, Rick emphasized the importance of developing intelligence requirements to help understand the Russian threat to your organization. As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, we in the Photon Intelligence […]

Cybercriminals React to Ukraine-Russia Conflict

As the world reacted to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 Feb 2022, cybercriminals were also formulating their own opinions and strategic responses to best support their operations. These cybercriminals range from well-known cybercriminal groups such as the operators behind the “Conti” ransomware and “coomingproject” data leak sites to assorted cyber criminals who lurk on […]

Russian Cyber Threats: Practical Advice For Security Leaders

As I spent Wednesday night doom scrolling into the early hours of the morning, I felt pretty powerless as I watched the tragic Ukraine crisis unfold. On Thursday, I decided to put this blog together to help security leaders and practitioners prepare for potential Russian cyber threats that could impact their organizations. This thought process […]

Growing Tension Between Russia and Ukraine: Should you be concerned?

Russia and Ukraine have had a particularly tense relationship since Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. In the past weeks, we’ve observed Ukraine being at the centre of escalating rhetoric and military activity between Russia and Western powers. Currently, more than 100,000 Russian troops are reportedly amassed along the Ukrainian border and are prompting concerns […]