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Tag: typosquatting

Why Domains Matter: Impersonations and Your Brand

Recently, we’ve released a few articles on typosquatting, Getting Started with Domain Monitoring Part I, and Part II and a solutions guide for Domain Monitoring to give everyone a sense of the threats presented when it comes to domains. As there are many. For the frequent readers of our blogs, some of you may have […]

Typosquatting Protection 101

What is typosquatting? Typosquatting, also known as domain squatting or URL hijacking, is a type of malicious domain-impersonation attack where a threat actor seeks to deceive users by creating a URL similar to that of a legitimate site. Download our Domain Monitoring Solutions Guide to learn more about building your own program. Typosquatting domains will […]

Getting Started with Domain Monitoring: Part 1, Collection

What is Domain Monitoring? Domain monitoring is a fundamental part of any brand protection program that involves tracking the registration of domains that have slight variation or permutation of the target company name or brand. This can include a spelling error, switched characters, or additional keywords added to the domain name. It may even not […]