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Tag: threat actor

2023 Cyber Threat Predictions

As we move towards the end of 2022, now is the time to take a look back at the major trends from the last eleven months and identify what might happen from a cyber threat perspective in 2023. 2022 will likely be remembered for several reasons; notably the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the world recovering […]

APT Spotlight Series: APT41

Stealthy, sustained, and frequently state-backed, advanced persistent threats (APTs for short) are often the leading antagonists of the cyber threat intelligence scene. But with murky intelligence, unclear goals, and inconsistent naming conventions (do we really need six names for one group?), making sense of APT groups is often easier said than done for both the […]

Tensions between the PRC and Taiwan: What’s happening?

The tense relationship between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Taiwan was further exacerbated by the US House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi visit to Taipei last week. Pelosi’s visit was intended to reiterate the US support for Taiwan against potential external threats. However, the last Chinese military drills off the coasts of Taiwan […]

NATO Leaders are Meeting at the Madrid Summit 2022: What is going to happen?

Today, the leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are gathering in Madrid, Spain for their annual Summit, where leaders from the 30 member countries meet to discuss the key issues facing the Alliance. This year’s Summit will be critical for the imminent and long-term future of this military and political defensive alliance, and […]

POLONIUM: Proxy Warfare and Iran’s Cyber Strategy

In June 2022, Microsoft reported that a new advanced persistent threat (APT) group was wreaking havoc on Israeli organizations. The group, dubbed “POLONIUM”, is reportedly based in Lebanon, and has targeted over 20 Israeli organizations in the past 3 months. But APTs targeting Israel isn’t exactly groundbreaking news– everyone from Iran to China to Palestine […]

What we’re reading this month: May 2022

Where is the year going? It only seems like yesterday that we celebrated the turn of the year, with the end of May also coming up fast. With that turn of the month, it is of course time for our team of talented analysts to give an update on what’s caught their attention this month.  […]

Advanced persistent threat group feature: Mustang Panda

Advanced persistent threat (APT) groups are often tricky to wrap your head around. By their nature, state-associated groups are well-resourced and as their terminology suggests, APT groups are persistent. They prioritize stealth and staying undetected for as long as possible. That means it is often difficult to catch them red-handed in the act of stealing […]

Team A vs Team B: What is Motivating Lapsus$?

In the past few weeks, the Lapsus$ threat group captured the security community’s attention with a series of brazen and controversial cyber attacks against some of the world’s largest organizations, including Microsoft, Okta, and Samsung. These attacks resulted in sensitive data being leaked on their Telegram channel, thus granting the group a significant notoriety boost […]