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Tag: Technology Integrations

New in GreyMatter: Better Security Automation with Intelligent Analysis

We’re constantly working to improve our offerings here at ReliaQuest, and today we’re excited to announce the launch of a new feature in GreyMatter, our Open XDR-based security operations platform. This feature, GreyMatter Intelligent Analysis, uses cutting-edge security automation technology to reduce or eliminate the manual aspects of the investigation lifecycle and process. Additionally, we’ve […]

Get Started with Security Automation–Tips from the Pros

“Security is a team sport…and in a game where the rules keep changing…being able to automate, you’re not only doing strategy, but you are also able to train employees around having a stronger security mindset.” Ken Westin, Director of Security Strategy at ReliaQuest In the recent webinar “Getting Started with Security Automation”, the first in […]

Solving Three Major Security Challenges with One Newly Patented Technology

The Promise of Open XDR becomes Possible with Newly Awarded Patent We’re already overwhelmed by XDR, right? A new vendor-led buzzword craze without any real substance. How is this different from SIEM or EDR or UBA or SOAR? With everyone XDR-washing, it’s not. Especially when there seems to be little more than a lot of hype […]