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Tag: Structured Analytic Techniques

Alternative Future Analysis: Pro-Russian Hacktivism

Note: This blog is part of a series of articles related to the use of Structured Analytic Techniques in Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI). Previous examples include our Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH) for REvil, a Cone of Plausibility exercise for ransomware development, and a Team A vs Team B exercise to study Lapsus$. Last week, […]

Team A vs Team B: What is Motivating Lapsus$?

In the past few weeks, the Lapsus$ threat group captured the security community’s attention with a series of brazen and controversial cyber attacks against some of the world’s largest organizations, including Microsoft, Okta, and Samsung. These attacks resulted in sensitive data being leaked on their Telegram channel, thus granting the group a significant notoriety boost […]