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Tag: Security Operations Center

SOC Automation: How to Achieve The Modern SOC

An automated SOC is an essential line of defense in any organization, and a high-performing one requires streamlined security operations. Unfortunately, SOC analysts are often stuck in reactive mode due to the sheer volume of alerts they have to sift through using manual processes. And the amounts of data are only going to go up.   Current Automation […]

The State of SOC and Planning for 2023

Just like the threats we face, our industry is always changing and growing. That’s why I recently had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with my former Forrester Research colleague, Joseph Blankenship (or JB, as I like to call him), discussing “The Current State and Future Trends of Security Operations.” During the webinar, we had […]

Overcoming Five Key Challenges in the Way of Effective Security Operations

According to a recent ReliaQuest survey, enterprises continue to deploy an assortment of security technologies across the network, email, endpoint devices, and the cloud despite an overwhelming number of existing investments, yet these tools are not able to proactively defend organizations against the evolving threat landscape. While individually providing valuable security telemetry, these tools are […]

Get Started with Security Automation–Tips from the Pros

“Security is a team sport…and in a game where the rules keep changing…being able to automate, you’re not only doing strategy, but you are also able to train employees around having a stronger security mindset.” Ken Westin, Director of Security Strategy at ReliaQuest In the recent webinar “Getting Started with Security Automation”, the first in […]

Three Tips from ReliaQuest’s Experts on Preparing Your SOC to Secure Your Remote Workforce

As more workforces have shifted to work-from-home models, bad actors are taking advantage of new vulnerabilities within organizations. Enterprises must adapt their security programs to effectively detect and respond to these new threats. In the second webinar in our series on securing remote workforces, ReliaQuest Director of Threat Management, Casey Martin, moderates a panel of […]

Is Your SOC Ready to Secure a Remote Workforce?

As many enterprises grapple with the sudden shift to an entirely remote workforce. An organization’s security operations now faces the challenge of securing a vastly greater share of devices outside of the traditional on-premise network. Bad actors are looking to take advantage of users’ unfamiliarity of their new working conditions. The types, volumes, and sources […]