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Tag: Security Metrics

Top 3 Cybersecurity Metrics to Track in 2023

Many security teams lean on a certain set of cybersecurity metrics when they’re reporting to higher-ups—these metrics, like number of intrusion attempts or number of alerts per day, are easy to find, so security teams can quickly deliver them and get back to their work. Unfortunately, these “default” metrics communicate a very small part of […]

New in GreyMatter: Measure Your Readiness Against Cyber Risk

Today we’re excited to announce that, as part of our continuing effort to make security possible for our customers, we are introducing a new set of capabilities in our GreyMatter platform. These capabilities are meant to improve an analyst’s experience during investigations, map coverage to risk scenarios of concern, and measure and communicate actionable metrics […]

New in GreyMatter: Industry-Leading Security Measurement and Security Controls Validation

Today we’re introducing a new set of capabilities in our GreyMatter Open XDR-as-a-Service platform that allow security leaders to track, act on, and communicate security metrics across their programs and enable operations teams to validate security controls to ensure preparedness and resiliency. These new features address some of the most critical challenges in security programs: […]