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Year in Review: Our Top Blogs of 2021

I’m sure we can all agree that this year has been busy for anyone who had anything, even remotely, to do with security. The year 2021 started off with a bang as we all dealt with the fallout from a handful of Exchange bugs, dealt with the repercussions of the Accellion and Kaseya attacks, and […]

SearchLight Reduces Domain Triage by 75%

If you’re curious on domain monitoring, our Domain Monitoring Solutions Guide can give you a breakdown of the most common techniques for domain impersonations including typosquats, combosquats, TLD swaps, and more.  Any brand protection strategy would be remiss without effective domain monitoring. It’s essential to detect impersonating domains, subdomains, and parking pages to prevent attackers […]

The Top Three Cybercrime Takeaways from the 2021 Verizon DBIR

The 2021 DBIR is still hot off the press, and it did not disappoint. For many years, Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) has been one of the most anticipated and well-read reports in the cybersecurity industry. Digital Shadows (now ReliaQuest) contributed primary research to the DBIR for a third consecutive year. While we’ve written […]

SearchLight’s Exposed Document Alerts: Uncover the Critical, Faster

BACKING UP…INTO A DITCH I am a terrible driver. While I’ve sat through Driver’s Ed courses, studied physics and trigonometry, possess a general knowledge of how a car should be positioned to park, and am extremely well-intentioned in my execution of parallel parking, the end result has sometimes landed me… in a bad situation. The […]

Help your development teams keep their keys safe

Modern development practices are a blessing and a curse for organizations. Efficiency gains delivered by distributed workforces, and blended in and out-sourced development teams require collaboration tools like online code repositories. But these tools increase the chance of mistakes and create another attack surface to monitor for security problems. Security teams need new tools to […]

Four Ways to Validate Credentials in SearchLight

Amid the billions of credentials that are breached each year, security teams are focused on one core question: do any of these breached passwords really provide access to my company’s systems? That is precisely why, in July, we announced the first of our automated actions – the ability to validate credentials in SearchLight. In this […]

It’s even easier to initiate takedowns in SearchLight

When faced with infringing content, phishing domain or an impersonation of the brand, security teams want to take down content instantly. Instant isn’t easy, unfortunately, as takedown management is a highly complex and time consuming operation. Teams must know who to contact, how to initiate a takedown but also what to say, for effective removal.  […]