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Tag: Risk Management

Vulnerability Intelligence RoundUp: Cloudy with a chance of zero days

It was a dark and stormy DEFCON. Water leaked from the ceilings onto the casino floors and lightning flashed across the sky. With over 25k attendees, Las Vegas was raining hackers. If you were not swept away in the storm in Las Vegas, you surely felt the flood of new vulnerability fixes on August’s Patch […]

Vulnerability Intelligence Round Up: The Good, The Bad, and The Risky

There is a saying derived from Western movies that say whoever draws first, loses the duel. Nick Bohr, a famous physicist, once said that it takes more time to initiate a movement than to react to one. People are very reactive by nature. In vulnerability management, there is a lot of pressure to quickly react […]

Vulnerability Intelligence Round-up: Russia-Ukraine War

One month ago, the Russian government began the invasion of Ukraine, triggering one of the most severe security crises in Europe since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992. The Photon Intelligence Team has been constantly analyzing the development of this war, providing assessment about the involvement of hacktivism in this conflict, practical advice […]

New in GreyMatter: Measure Your Readiness Against Cyber Risk

Today we’re excited to announce that, as part of our continuing effort to make security possible for our customers, we are introducing a new set of capabilities in our GreyMatter platform. These capabilities are meant to improve an analyst’s experience during investigations, map coverage to risk scenarios of concern, and measure and communicate actionable metrics […]

How to Integrate Threat and Vulnerability Management into Security Operations

In today’s cybersecurity threat landscape, with its ever-growing volume of incidents, it is remarkable to think that proactive threat and vulnerability management remains a challenge for companies to address effectively. Organizations are adopting threat exposure management techniques to manage business risks stemming from developing and applying technology such as Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, quantum […]