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Tag: Patch Management

Vulnerability Intelligence Roundup: Five lessons learned since Log4Shell

As the holiday season approaches, my family has a tradition of watching all of our favorite holiday movies—my favorite being Home Alone. It is the time for festive decorations, eggnog, and large heartwarming feasts with family and friends. Sadly, though, it is going to take a lot more than your aunt’s mystery casserole to ward […]

Q3 2022 Vulnerability Roundup

The curtain has fallen on the third quarter (Q3) of 2022, and it’s time to report the trends and highlights gleaned from Digital Shadows (now ReliaQuest)’ vulnerability intelligence. Q3 was characterized by dozens of zero-day vulnerabilities, including the continued exploitation of the high-profile Follina vulnerability (CVE-2022-30190) that debuted in the second quarter of 2022. For […]

Vulnerability Intelligence RoundUp: Cloudy with a chance of zero days

It was a dark and stormy DEFCON. Water leaked from the ceilings onto the casino floors and lightning flashed across the sky. With over 25k attendees, Las Vegas was raining hackers. If you were not swept away in the storm in Las Vegas, you surely felt the flood of new vulnerability fixes on August’s Patch […]

Vulnerability Intelligence Round Up: The Good, The Bad, and The Risky

There is a saying derived from Western movies that say whoever draws first, loses the duel. Nick Bohr, a famous physicist, once said that it takes more time to initiate a movement than to react to one. People are very reactive by nature. In vulnerability management, there is a lot of pressure to quickly react […]