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Tag: OpIcarus

Five Threats to Financial Services: Part Five, Hacktivism

OK, so it’s not a sexy as insider threats, banking trojans, phishing campaigns or payment card fraud, but hacktivism is still a threat that organizations should be concerned with. In this final post on threats to financial services, we’ll outline recent developments in the hacktivist world and focus on the threat posed by one campaign […]

Shadow Talk Update – 04.16.2018

This week’s Shadow Talk discusses a Cisco Smart Install Client flaw exploited in disruption attack, an information leak vulnerability discovered in Microsoft Outlook, details on OpIcarus and OpIsrael, Verizon DBIR, and why you still should be excited about the RSA Conference.   Cisco Smart Install Client enabled mass disruption Attackers abused a legitimate Cisco Smart […]

Anonymous and the New Face of Hacktivism: What to Look Out For in 2018

The Anonymous collective has been the face of activism since 2008. Since then, the group’s membership, operations, and structure have changed significantly. In this blog, we examine the changes in Anonymous and look at how the group will continue to change in the coming years. The Anonymous collective rose to fame in 2008 and 2009. […]

Hacktivism: same old, same old?

Cyber activists, or hacktivists, have become a firmly fixed element of the threat landscape since groups like Anonymous, Lulzsec, and the Al Quassam Cyber fighters broke into the mainstream media a few years ago. However, reviewing recent hacktivist operations such as OpIcarus and OpOlympicHacking, it is striking to me how much the hacktivist scene seems […]

OpIcarus – Increased Claims Against Financial Institutions

There’s no shortage of online hacktivist operations launched by actors who are seeking to readdress injustices, perceived or actual. Indeed, we have previously posted blogs on such OpIsrael and OpOlympicHacking. However, with all this noise, it’s often hard to work out what this actually means for organizations. The latest hacktivist operation to attract online attention […]