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Tag: Mitigating Threats

Mitigate BYOD Risks for A Compromised Host

You’ve done all you can to secure byods, but byod risk mitigation is necessary in the event of the inevitable, a compromised host. Let’s be sure your security team is equipped with the necessary solutions to detect such events, including endpoint security tools like MacAfee Endpoint Security and Carbon Black Defense, and understands what to […]

Overcoming Five Key Challenges in the Way of Effective Security Operations

According to a recent ReliaQuest survey, enterprises continue to deploy an assortment of security technologies across the network, email, endpoint devices, and the cloud despite an overwhelming number of existing investments, yet these tools are not able to proactively defend organizations against the evolving threat landscape. While individually providing valuable security telemetry, these tools are […]

Sacking Cybercriminals and Fraudsters at Super Bowl LV

The Super Bowl presents a ton of opportunities for cyber criminals to exploit, both through the target–rich environment surrounding the event itself as well as social engineering attacks that take advantage of the hype.

Credential Dumping Part 2: Credential Theft Prevention in Windows

Credential theft is part of almost all attacks within a network, and one of the most widely known forms of credential stealing is surrounding clear-text credentials by accessing lsass.exe. However, this is only a piece of the bigger picture of the Windows credential model. In Part 1 of the Credential Dumping Series, I took a closer […]

3 Step Formula to Mitigate Phishing Attacks Within Your Organization

With social engineering and phishing attacks on the rise, it’s important to make it as easy as possible for your user base to stay secure and do the right thing.  Mitigate phishing attacks in your organization by:  Preventing exploits from reaching them by tuning your existing security tools to your environment  Providing custom security awareness […]

Proactive Practices to Mitigate the Misuse of Service Accounts

Service accounts, by design, are created to perform specific tasks for services running on endpoints. Depending on the service and how the service account is configured, service accounts can have a range of different privilege levels. Malicious actors understand that service accounts typically have higher privileges than normal user accounts, and often target these accounts […]

BYOD Security Risks: How to Protect Your Organization

In today’s workforce, the use of personal mobile devices for work has become the norm. This new environment is what we call Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). While these environments provide many benefits to enterprises such as reduced cost, increased flexibility, and increased employee productivity, they are also accompanied with security concerns, such as introducing […]

Healthcare Industry Spotlight: Tips for Detecting and Investigating Common Insider Threats

In the healthcare industry, insider threats typically take the form of an authorized individual abusing access to resources such as healthcare networks or electronic healthcare systems. In order to protect the business from unauthorized access, disclosure, modifications, or destruction, you need visibility into your information and information systems. A recent example of an insider threat […]