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Tag: LockBit

The Boy Who Cried Ransomware: The Trustworthiness of Ransomware Groups

From data leaks to group fallouts, the trials and tribulations of ransomware collectives generate a lot of buzz in traditional media outlets and cybersecurity news platforms alike. Many of the ransomware-related scandals result from different groups making opposing claims, affiliates accusing operators of deception, or leaders making promises that ultimately prove to be worthless. For […]

Ransomware gangs and PR stunts: Why LockBit faked a ransomware attack against Mandiant

Ransomware groups have extensively improved their tactics to behave in an increasingly professional and corporate-like manner; this has allowed groups to fine tune their ability to increase revenue. Some of these changes are a significant testament to these groups’ willingness to adapt to an ever-changing environment. In the past couple of years, we’ve seen ransomware […]

Ransomware Q3 Roll Up

We have reached the end of another quarter, and it is time again for us to have a look back at some of the key cyber events that happened during Q3 2021. The trend of ransomware being one of the most devastating threats to organizations has continued over the past three months. In this quarter, […]