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Tag: Intelligence tradecraft

Team A vs Team B: What is Motivating Lapsus$?

In the past few weeks, the Lapsus$ threat group captured the security community’s attention with a series of brazen and controversial cyber attacks against some of the world’s largest organizations, including Microsoft, Okta, and Samsung. These attacks resulted in sensitive data being leaked on their Telegram channel, thus granting the group a significant notoriety boost […]

Intelligence Requirements: Planning your cyber response to the Russia-Ukraine war

At the end of last week, Digital Shadow’s CISO, Rick Holland, released his blog Russian Cyber Threats: Practical Advice For Security Leaders. In that blog, Rick emphasized the importance of developing intelligence requirements to help understand the Russian threat to your organization. As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, we in the Photon Intelligence […]

How the Intelligence Cycle Can Help Defend Against Ransomware Attack

When Tolkien first sat down to write Lord of the Rings, he probably never imagined it would go on for over 1,000 pages. The same can also be said for network defenders tackling ransomware attacks. Years ago, I distinctly remember saying that ransomware would never catch on…how wrong I was. As we near the halfway […]