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Tag: Intelligence Cycle

Intelligence Collection Plans: Preparation breeds success

It’s been a little over a month since I wrote about how intelligence requirements (IRs) can help plan a cyber response to major incidents. At the end of that blog, I mentioned that the next step in the intelligence cycle, collection, involves creating an intelligence collection plan (ICP) to help guide research. In this blog, […]

How the Intelligence Cycle Can Help Defend Against Ransomware Attack

When Tolkien first sat down to write Lord of the Rings, he probably never imagined it would go on for over 1,000 pages. The same can also be said for network defenders tackling ransomware attacks. Years ago, I distinctly remember saying that ransomware would never catch on…how wrong I was. As we near the halfway […]

Getting In Gear: Accounting for Tactical and Strategic Intelligence

We’ve written before about how we like to map our services to the intelligence cycle. Of course, the intelligence cycle has its challenges – you only need to look to the work of Arthur Hulnick to see some of these. What it does do is produce a product that is accurate, well researched, timely and […]

Communicating Intelligence: A Battle of Three Sides

Good intelligence depends in large measure on clear, concise writing. -Fran Moore, Director for Analysis, Central Intelligence Agency (2011) I’m an intelligence optimist. I think intelligence is great. I believe quality intelligence can help empower business, enable operations, and reduce risk. However, poor quality intelligence can have the exact opposite effect. Now I’m not saying […]

The Intelligence Cycle – What Is It Good For?

It seems that the concept of ‘intelligence’ is a problem. The definition isn’t agreed, and the industry is peppered with vendors and organizations applying a range or meanings and interpretations. For me – and I come from a military intelligence background – the concept of intelligence was always very straight forward, and in its purest […]