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Tag: integrations

Digital Shadows (now ReliaQuest) and XSOAR Powering Automation

So you’ve got some threat intelligence here, firewall logs, XDR logs, logs from there, alerts from there, digital risk information from over there, and basically, a giant mess of alerts, notifications, and data from vectors you didn’t even know you had. Along with 250 other alerts.  Monday, once again. “ALERT:  Exposed Credential from RaidForums” “ALERT:  […]

Azure AD: Auto Validate Exposed Credentials

SearchLight customers can now automatically validate credential alerts via an integration with Azure AD, drastically reducing the time required to triage. As your organization’s digital footprint grows and grows, so does the opportunity for exposure of your organization’s credentials. Credential exposure is a high-priority issue, preventing attackers from accessing your systems or selling this access […]

Validate Exposed Credentials with Okta to Save Even More Time

SearchLight customers can now automatically validate credential alerts via an integration with Okta, drastically reducing the time required to triage.  You may have seen our recent research report, which discovered that there are more than 15 billion credentials exposed online. Since we published that report in June, that number has actually increased by another billion.  […]

Jira Atlassian SearchLight (now ReliaQuest’s GreyMatter Digital Risk Protection)   Integration

On average, it’s estimated that security teams deploy around 47 cybersecurity solutions and technologies.  That’s more solutions than hours in a working week!  Though each security solution may solve a problem – the sheer number of platforms creates problems in themselves: duplication of work and increased friction. As Integrations Manager at Digital Shadows (now ReliaQuest), […]

Want to Control Your Ever-Changing Perimeter? Focus on Integrations.

An ever changing perimeter? Over the past few years we have seen the commercial threat landscape evolve from simply combating network penetration over a defined perimeter (the foundation of many organizations’ traditional security programs), to an ever widening, cloud-based, SaaS driven, geographically disperse, distributed cluster of disparate services. No wonder we keep hearing that ‘the […]