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Meet DUMPS Forum: A pro-Ukraine, anti-Russia cybercriminal forum

While the Russian invasion of Ukraine has typically been met with a response of horror and condemnation across the globe, the conflict has also proven highly divisive among the world’s cybercriminal community. Opinions on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s so-called ‘special military operation’ depend on several factors, notably the cybercriminal’s background, political beliefs, or other nationalistic […]

Killnet: The Hactivist Group That Started A Global Cyber War

Since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war, hacktivism has experienced a substantial resurgence, with many hacktivist groups being created in support of either Ukraine or Russia. We have observed an explosion in the number of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), defacement, and data-leakage attacks over the past few months, targeting governments, critical sectors, and organizations in key […]

Biden’s Executive Order on Crypto: What you need to know

On 9 Mar 2022 US President Biden signed a new executive order (EO) to ensure the responsible development of cryptocurrency in the U.S. This EO provides direction towards future regulation and strategy, with that strategy likely to determine how cryptocurrency will be managed in the coming years. The EO has largely been received in a […]

Can cryptocurrency be used to bypass the impact of sanctions being applied against Russia?

In an interview on 28 Feb 2022, former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton criticized several cryptocurrency exchanges that had decided against blanket bans for Russian users from their platforms. The decision against the bans on Russian users coincided with significant sanctions being applied against Russia following their invasion into Ukraine. Senator Clinton reiterated a common sentiment […]

Russia Invades Ukraine: What happens next?

On 23 Feb 2022,  Russian forces started a military operation targeting Ukraine. Reporting indicates that shelling in several Ukrainian cities has occurred, and footage from Kharkiv’s border shows Russian vehicles moving into Ukraine. In a fiery televised address, President Vladimir Putin has threatened dire consequences to any nations seeking to prevent this, labeling his offensive […]

Cyber Threats to Government

Exploring cyber threats to Government and Public bodies, including ransomware targets and initial access listings

Cyber Attacks: The Challenge of Attribution and Response

In December 2020, the world was rocked by an enormous supply chain attack against software provider Solarwinds, which provided unprecedented access to thousands of the company’s corporate clients. This included several key organizations within the US government and other companies within the private sector. Attackers were able to monitor SolarWinds’ network traffic and maintain persistence […]