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Emotet is back again: what does it mean?

Emotet is back again on the scene and, to be fair, we’re not surprised. Its predictable return has come just ten months after the takedown of its infrastructure, following an internationally coordinated law enforcement operation in January 2021. If you need a refresher on that operation, Digital Shadows (now ReliaQuest) published two analyses a few […]

The Emotet Shutdown Explained

Covered in our previous article on Emotet’s Disruption, Emotet has been seized by law enforcement. Authorities that managed to seize the notorious malware’s infrastructure have scheduled a mass uninstallation due to occur on 25 April 2021. Cybercriminal law enforcement have been busy cracking down on the cybercriminal landscape in 2021. And although Emotet’s seizure and […]

Emotet Disruption: what it means for the cyber threat landscape

Last week, the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (EUROPOL) published a press release detailing the operation that led to the disruption of Emotet, one of the most prominent trojans that populated the cyber threat landscape. This operation, dubbed “Operation Ladybird”, was a joint effort led by the authorities of several European countries and […]

Emotet Returns: How To Track Its Updates

What is Emotet? Emotet started life as a banking trojan in 2014; targeting financial information on victim computers. However, over the past five years, it has evolved into a botnet that can drop secondary payloads – most commonly delivered via malicious URLs in phishing emails. Whether it is spamming, information stealing, or DDoS, Emotet offers […]