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Tag: Elections

ShadowTalk Update – 07.30.2018

Richard Gold and Rose Bernard join Michael Marriott to talked about updates to the Satori botnet, which has expanded to incorporate new IoT devices using TCP port 5555. Amid news of a new wave of OilRig attacks, a Middle Eastern espionage campaign, we dive into PowerShell security risks and provide advice on best practices for […]

Bringing Down the Wahl: Three Threats to the German Federal Election

Hacking has become the boogie man of political election discourse. In Kenya, the recent presidential election result was forcibly annulled after the opposition alleged voting systems had been hacked. While these claims may be entirely valid, what’s worrying is that no concrete or convincing evidence to prove these allegations has been made public so far. Although not a […]

Liberté, égalité, securité: 4 Threats to the French Presidential Election

French citizens will take to the polls on April 23rd to vote for a new president. If, as expected, no candidate wins a majority, then a run-off election between the two top candidates will be held on May 7th. Since reports of network intrusions against political parties during the 2016 United States presidential election surfaced […]

Turk Hack Team and the “Netherlands Operation”

Since mid-March, Turk Hack Team have been participating in a new campaign called “Netherlands Operation”, announced via their official Twitter feed. This account also published claims of 252 Dutch-based websites defacement, alongside alleged screenshots of the defaced websites.  Figure 1 Image tweeted from the Twitter account associated with Turk Hack Team:  Translation: Turk Hack […]

Dutch Elections – Looking Back at Cyber Activity

Last week, I wrote about the potential threats to the Dutch national election. But what actually happened? On 14 March 2017, the day before the Dutch General Elections, websites and suffered from DDoS attacks. These websites are popular during the General Elections in the Netherlands, as they give advise to users on which […]

Back to the red pencil – Cyber threats to the Dutch elections

Over the weekend, media reports surfaced about the fears of Russian interference in UK elections, with GCHQ reportedly warning political parties that hackers “steal and leak internal emails or publish private databases of voters’ political views in an attempt to damage the standing of political parties with the public.” A more immediate election takes place […]

Rocking the Vote? The Effects of Cyber Activity On The U.S. Election

Contrary to some media reporting, our latest research finds that cyber activity during the 2016 U.S. presidential election does not appear to have demonstrably altered events in the short-term. For this post, let’s leave aside hacktivism campaigns – such as OpTrump and OpKillary – that have been largely inconsequential (you can read the whitepaper for […]

Targeting of Elections; Old News, Fresh Tactics

There has been no shortage of media coverage surrounding U.S. election and the associated nefarious cyber activity. Amid all this noise and rhetoric, our whitepaper summarizes what’s happened so far and the impact this has had on the election. But how unique is it for operations to be launched against elections? In April 2016, a […]