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Tag: Domain monitoring

SearchLight Reduces Domain Triage by 75%

If you’re curious on domain monitoring, our Domain Monitoring Solutions Guide can give you a breakdown of the most common techniques for domain impersonations including typosquats, combosquats, TLD swaps, and more.  Any brand protection strategy would be remiss without effective domain monitoring. It’s essential to detect impersonating domains, subdomains, and parking pages to prevent attackers […]

Typosquatting Protection 101

What is typosquatting? Typosquatting, also known as domain squatting or URL hijacking, is a type of malicious domain-impersonation attack where a threat actor seeks to deceive users by creating a URL similar to that of a legitimate site. Download our Domain Monitoring Solutions Guide to learn more about building your own program. Typosquatting domains will […]

Getting Started with Domain Monitoring: Part 1, Collection

What is Domain Monitoring? Domain monitoring is a fundamental part of any brand protection program that involves tracking the registration of domains that have slight variation or permutation of the target company name or brand. This can include a spelling error, switched characters, or additional keywords added to the domain name. It may even not […]