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Tag: digital risk management

Managing Digital Risk: 4 Steps to Take

Organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to know where their data is stored and shared in today’s technology-forward, connected world. Although these new, digital technologies help organizations advance their business, they come alongside risks that can be difficult to manage. In this blog, we walk you through the emergence of digital risks and key steps […]

7 Ways The Digital Risk Revolution Changes Risk and Compliance – Webinar Key Insights

Lockpath’s Vice President of Development Tony Rock and I recently conducted a webinar titled “7 Ways the Digital Risk Revolution Changes Risk and Compliance”. Tony is a cyber resiliency advocate who helps organizations assess breakthrough technologies and foster a culture of innovation while protecting intellectual property and managing enterprise risk. If you’re not familiar with […]

A New Approach for Channel Security Consultants

Old school security practices simply don’t fit the new IT environment.  Cloud computing, applications and distributed workforces have changed the security game. The days of building perimeter walls still exist, but the walls are disappearing.  This leaves channel security consultants wondering what the right allocation is for security budgets. As indicated in a 2016 SANS […]

Know Where to Find Your Digital Risk

This post originally appeared on SecurityWeek. Read more from CEO Alastair Paterson. Approximately 250 years ago Samuel Johnson said, “The next best thing to knowing something, is knowing where to find it.” This is quite a fitting quote from the author of A Dictionary of the English Language and equally fitting today when it comes to […]