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Tag: DDoS Extortion

To Pay or Not to Pay: A Large Retailer Responds to DDoS Extortion

Fans of The Sopranos or Goodfellas are well-versed in the world of extortion. Whether it is paying off Tony Soprano or Paulie Cicero, the bad guys get their money. Cyber extortion is the digital version of what “wise guys” have been doing for centuries, and there are various tactics threat actors employ. A large retailer […]

Shadow Talk Update – 03.12.2018

This week’s Shadow Talk features more distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks using Memcached servers, how disinformation is more than just a political concern, updates on the Spectre vulnerability following the release of a new proof of concept (POC) exploit, and more reporting on the historical network intrusion against the German government. Memcached DDoS attacks […]

DD4BC Arrests: What Now for Extortion?

Earlier this week, Europol published a press release stating that an individual suspected of being a “key member” of the extortionist group DD4BC had been arrested, and that a further suspect had been detained in Bosnia and Herzegovina. So what’s the significance of this, and what does it mean going forward? As a method, extortion […]