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Tag: data leakage

What We’re Reading This Month: July 2022

Roll up roll up, it’s that time of the month again, where our team of analysts provide the articles and literary pieces that kept them burning the midnight oil. This month we’ve got a report identifying supply chain security risks, methods by which threat actors exploit your psychological biases, and of course, ransomware. Check out […]

The Business of Extortion: How Ransomware Makes Money

We can’t stop talking about it: Ransomware. It’s dominating a lot of security news for sure, which also means it’s definitely in the media cycle and on everyone’s mind. Ransomware groups have recently upped the ante with their attacks with adaptations of various tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) in the threat landscape. As if it […]

How Cybercriminals Can Leverage Your Vaccination Card Selfie

Gotta do it for the ‘Gram (Instagram), as the kids might say. After a year in quarantine, you just got your first shot or final shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. In your exuberance, you post a shot of your freshly minted vaccination card online. At this point, most of us have seen this play out […]

Help your development teams keep their keys safe

Modern development practices are a blessing and a curse for organizations. Efficiency gains delivered by distributed workforces, and blended in and out-sourced development teams require collaboration tools like online code repositories. But these tools increase the chance of mistakes and create another attack surface to monitor for security problems. Security teams need new tools to […]

Modern Software Development and DevSecOps: Despite security controls, data leaks persist

Quick Synopsis No matter how many software developers you employ, development processes or cultures (such as DevOps or DevSecOps) that you adopt, sensitive technical data such as code, credentials or security infrastructure can still be prone to online exposure.  In this blog, we walk you through how modern software development practices lead to technical leakage, […]