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Tag: data breach

Meet DUMPS Forum: A pro-Ukraine, anti-Russia cybercriminal forum

While the Russian invasion of Ukraine has typically been met with a response of horror and condemnation across the globe, the conflict has also proven highly divisive among the world’s cybercriminal community. Opinions on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s so-called ‘special military operation’ depend on several factors, notably the cybercriminal’s background, political beliefs, or other nationalistic […]

What we’re reading this month: June 2022

As you’d imagine, our talented team of intelligence analysts spend a considerable amount of time reading different material each month, in order to stay abreast of the latest developments within our industry. This puts the team in the best place to provide answers to the important questions that our clients need to know about. Some […]

Marketo: A Return to Simple Extortion

The world of ransomware and cyber extortion continues to change dramatically. On the one hand, new ransomware variants and data leak sites are popping up like mushrooms; on the other, threat groups disappear into the shadows, leaving their mark on the world only to fade away. However, even on the surface, the goal remains the […]